In a somewhat surprising turn of events, Maul and Kenobi share a moment of peace and apparent forgiveness as Maul asks if the person he is watching over is the chosen one. Within the ship, he also found the skeleton of Han Solo. Two additional figures, with their faces unveiled, sprung up on him with a red saber each, the brute of the two slashing aro. On that series, it is revealed that Maul was stranded on Malachor for years, a planet imbibed with the Dark Side of the Force that also is home to an ancient Sith Temple. My eyes widen as my vision blurred slightly. That left Darth Maul as essentially the last person with any connection to the Nightsister way of life and their magic. Here's what you need to know about the former Sith and crime boss!
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22 Times 'Solo' Recycled Moments From the Original 'Star Wars' Trilogy

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A Very Impressive Female Darth Maul Cosplay

He went to Tatooine in search of Kenobi, but wandered the sands hopelessly. However, one area where he was able to get some measure of release for his pent-up frustrations came when he was allowed by Sidious to hunt Rathtars. It is interesting to note that whenever Dathomir would come under attack by rival groups, it would be the Nightsisters who would typically pay the price, with the Nightbrothers often picked up as sort of new cannon fodder for other groups. It was instead the smooth, almost samurai outfit that he wears in The Phantom Menace. Seeing as Qi'ra is pronounced as "Kira," Rey being named Kira would have been much more obvious that the young hero is in fact related to Han Solo's former fling. Darth Maul's mother actually knew that he survived his battle with the Jedi, but she was a hard enough woman that she let him stew in his madness for quite a while before she sent his brother, Savage Oppress, to go bring Maul home. Part of Maul's plan was to cause enough trouble that the Jedi Order would have to respond, as Maul was living for the chance to have a rematch against Obi-Wan Kenobi.
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Female Darth Maul | Star Wars | Pinterest | Star Wars, Star wars sith and Star wars jedi

As a matter of fact, Sidious noticed Maul's potential when he was a young Zabrak playing around on the planet Dathomir. Then I realized they were fearful of the power that the Hutt crime family commanded. Maul's weapon was cut in two, as was his chest. The only really cool droids were General Grievous' personal guards, the MagnaGuards. He delivered two quick strikes, which Kenobi met, returning his attack only once. Kanan was not killed, however, and returned to fight Maul off.
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The one saving grace for Maul was that since he was on a trash planet, there was a whole lot of stuff that he could scavenge to be used to help himself get around. The debates over Rey's parentage have been going on since the mysterious scrapper first appeared in The Force Awakens. Maul then knocked Obi-Wan's lightsaber out of his reach. Moments In Whitewashed History: Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. The Death Watch is filled with members who wear that kind of armor, so you know right away that they are all tough as nails. The Clone Wars and Rebels.
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Female star wars darth maul

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